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My library — had I the wealth and space

Sometimes I think, ‘If I had the money and the space, what would my personal library look like?’ One of my friends said that he’d rebind all his Star Wars novels in leather given the money and opportunity! I don’t … Continue reading

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Reading better, not more

Several months ago, I loaned my copy of Eirik the Red and Other Icelandic Sagas to a friend. One day, in conversation, she mentioned one of the sagas and what was happening. And I had no idea what she was … Continue reading

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Books As Objects: Including Reminiscences of Oxford & London, in Which Places I Saw Books

After two weeks of research in Oxford, I stopped off in London Friday night until my train whisked me back home to Edinburgh last night at 1700. Whilst in London, I spent the night at James’s and Saturday afternoon with … Continue reading

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