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A former roommate's Shatner shrine

A former roommate’s Shatner shrine

The third of the three most prominent themes on this blog is the genre(s) of science fiction and fantasy. I like both. I like fantasy, ranging its way through imaginary worlds with magic and fabulous beasts. I like science fiction, ranging its way through imaginary worlds with technology and fabulous aliens.

Fantasy — I liked fantasy first, being drawn to Narnia as a young boy and The Hobbit at age nine. The worlds of Lewis’ Narnia and Tolkien’s Middle Earth still have a hold on me, although I have also enjoyed Stephen R Donaldson’s Chornicles of Thomas Covenant, Susannah Clark — both Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell and The Ladies of Grace Adieu — as well as the children’s fantasy of Lloyd Alexander.

I also like liminal fantasy — perhaps ‘science fantasy’, such as many of the works of Ray Bradbury, Madeleine L’Engle’s Time Quintet (A Wrinkle in Time being the first), and C S Lewis’s Cosmic Trilogy. Less fantasy but still with a fantasy ‘feel’ are the Pern novels of Anne McCaffrey. Which brings me to:

Science Fiction — I read some Monica Hughes as a kid, so from there I moved on to other things, at my brother Michael‘s recommendation, such as Ray Bradbury. And then I would just browse the public library. I favour, to this day, Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury.

And, of course, comic books dip into both genres, including superhero books. Captain America — sci-fi. Captain Britain — fantasy. Iron Man — sci-fi. Thor — fantasy. Superman — sci-fi. Wonder Woman — fantasy. Others, such as adaptations of mythology, dip into fantasy that way, whereas Doctor Who comics dip into sci-fi.

But I like films more than comics — I’ve seen quite a few superhero films as a result. I am a fan of Star Trek and the original Star Wars trilogy. I liked The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and as kids we really liked Krull and still like The Princess Bride. I also like Alien but prefer Aliens.

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