compressed paphos coffeeWelcome to Opening Up My Wordhoard (formerly Matthew’s Random Ramblings). I’m pleased you’ve found yourself here, and hope you enjoy your visit. I have two Master’s Degrees, one in Classics and one in Church History, and am currently pursuing a PhD in the overlap between the two fields as I examine Late Antique epistolography in the letters of Pope Leo the Great (pope 440-461) and their transmission through the Middle Ages. But there won’t be too much about Latin epistolography here. I think. (Who can say?)

Here you’ll find stuff about books, movies, poems, thoughts, life in Scotland, and what have you. Whatever crosses my mind. I am a Canadian living in Scotland with my wife, my Playmobil Vikings, a growing personal library, and a stamp collection.

I am most prone to blog about Classics, Mediaeval Stuff, and Science Fiction and Fantasy (that latter one doesn’t have its own category yet. Apologies.) My research involves travel, so I talk about the places I go as well.

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