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How do you want to live (truly live) your life?

My friend and fellow ancient historian Katie posted a link to an article on brain pickings called ‘The Shortness of Life: Seneca on Busyness and the Art of Living Wide Rather than Living Long.’ Seneca was a very clever guy, … Continue reading

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Skills not to be taken for granted: Latin inscriptions

When you look at the Pantheon, one of the many things that inevitably jumps out at you is the inscription: M AGRIPPA L F COS TERTIUM FECIT I like to use this inscription as an example for my students in … Continue reading

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‘Dupplicatio’ and other things that catch my eye in manuscripts

At this moment, I’m lurking in a hotel room in Oxford. I’m here to visit Oriel College MS 42 again (remember him from before?); I expect that Wednesday will be the last time I see the fellow. Whilst working today, … Continue reading

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Peace and Quiet

Right now I am enjoying peace and quiet. For one of the first times in Tübingen indoors. I am at Kengo and Aya’s. and it is quiet. They have graciously allowed me to stay with them last night and tonight. … Continue reading

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Your art and its value (sanity and immortality for all)

I close every e-mail I send with the following quotation: It is healthful to every sane man to utter the art within him; it is essential to every sane man to get rid of the art within him at all … Continue reading

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Pedantry or Accuracy?

Now, I don’t quite remember the book The Screwtape Letters, but the other evening I saw the play put on by Saltmine at Edinburgh Fringe. And in the play, Screwtape talks about how people misuse words all the time, and … Continue reading

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2 announcements: I am participating in National Novel-Writing Month this year.  I probably won’t be mosting much on either of my blogs as a result. And I posted a little something about Christian fiction at the pocket scroll that is, … Continue reading

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The Tiger and the Lamb

You may notice that the few times I have written down my thoughts on weekly poems, I have not written about every weekly poem. This is because good art can speak for itself. All the poems I have posted express … Continue reading

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RIP Robert Fagles

Emily recently alerted me to the fact that Robert Fagles passed away on March 26 (see NY Times). It is a sad day in the world of classical translation. Fagles is the translator-poet who first brought me the joys of … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Writing from Horace

[The following spent a week in incubation.] tu nihil invita dices faciesve Minerva: id tibi iudicium est, ea mens. siquid tamen olim scripseris, in Maeci descendat iudicis auris et patris et nostras nonumque prematur in annum membranis intus positis: delere … Continue reading

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